Analyze your Moves-app storylines on Google Maps

Analyze your moves

Visualize your Moves-app storylines on an interative map, based on Google Maps. Define zones by drawing circles and analyze the amount of time that you have spent in each zone during the selected time interval.

You can use this to find out how much time you have spent at work, time spent in a city, and time spent at bus stops, or other places.

Start analyzing

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If you do not have a Twitter account, take a minute and sign up at Twitter. If you not are using Moves on your phone, start by installing the app. After signing in, you will be asked to authorize this app to access your Moves-app data using the Moves-app on your phone. You are now ready to start analyzing your moves.

Users from more than 50 countries have tried. Most users are from the following countries:

United States of America  186
United Kingdom  90
Deutschland  73
Sverige  44
Nederland  43
France  29
Россия  27
日本  25
Italia  25
Canada  23

About Resvan/map

Resvan/map makes use of data from the mobile phone activity tracker Moves-app and use Google Maps for visualizing the data. Resvan/map is a web app by Clas Rydergren, @nicclas.

Resvan means "experienced traveller" in Swedish.

Development log

The current version is the third iteration, here called 2.2-version.

  • 2.2, 2015-06-26
    • Thanks to the about 1000 people that have tested the page.
    • Added some statistics about the home country for the users on this page.
  • Alpha2.2, 2014-06-22
    • Thanks to the about 580 people that have tested the page and given me feedback.
    • The source (PHP and Javascript) is available at
  • Alpha2.1, 2014-03-02
    • Thanks to the about 250 people that have tested the page and given me feedback.
    • A bug, resulting in problems to load data when one day or more contains no data/segement.
    • A grayscale version of the map can be selected.
  • Alpha2, 2014-02-02
    • Thanks to the about 130 people that have tested the page and given me feedback.
    • The login had problems with www and non-www URLs, this is now fixed.
    • The script can now load storylines larger than 64KB.
    • A dialog is shown after login presenting the first date for which you have Moves data. Uses the Avgrund script.
  • Alpha1, 2014-01-06
    • Initial release